HMRC Contact

There are plenty of reasons to get familiar with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). The online network set up through’s website makes signing in to view your HMRC online account a hassle-free process. Now, you will have instant access to a variety of services.

HMRC accounts are shared by a variety of people, including various members of local and community services. Certain online charities, and gift aids use the service, for example. Other people logging in come from gambling tax services, landfill tax services, money laundering supervisions, and several other areas concerned with revenue and customs.

Having an account at HMRC’s online portal has multiple benefits. Registered users will have access to personal information about their taxes and information regarding employer details. Tax information available through HMRC’s online portal requires the user to create an account before signing in. Once the user is signed in, they will have access to data involving their personal or business tax information, which should be linked to their account. Other information available to the user upon logging in includes a self-assessment, corporate tax information, and a special program called PAYE (for employers registered through VAT). For questions regarding logging in to view details of you HMRC online profile, contact a representative at HMRC services.

You’ll be able to speak to your HMRC contact by calling the HMRC telephone hotline or sending a message to the internal network via email, or mail.

The Self-Assessment through HMRC is how income tax is collected, but you might have already paid these taxes. Often taxes are automatically taken out of the money people are paid for the jobs they’ve completed, and the same goes for pensions and money in savings accounts. If you need to report income for a business or personal reason, you may choose to make such reports online by logging into your HMRC account, or you may opt to send in a paper form.

Take note of the delay between registering for an account and submitting a tax return. HMRC needs up to 20 business/working days before it can accept a tax return from newly registered users. This gives the people working behind the scenes at HMRC extra time to complete users’ registration.

Helping people understand how National Insurance works is one of the top priorities of HMRC. You may have questions about your National Insurance number. This is needed in order to start putting money away towards paying National Insurance. If you have questions regarding your National Insurance number, or which class you are in, this information will depend upon your employment status.

If you have further questions regarding tax credits, problems receiving national insurance, questions about your income tax, or other issues with anything related to revenue and customs, don’t hesitate to speak with a representative immediately. Representatives are standing by to answer questions relating to polices, and they’re the most knowledgeable sources to help you understand your account.