Employment Support Allowance Contact

Anyone who suffers from an illness or is currently dealing with a disability will be able to benefit from the Employment Support Allowance. With this option, people can receive financial support if they are unable to work as well as getting individual help so that they can work. You can apply for the Employment and Support Allowance if you are either employed, unemployed or self-employed. Before applying for the ESA, you will want to check to see if you are eligible for the Universal Credit.

If you decide to claim the ESA, you will need to complete a Work Capability Assessment. With the assessment, you will be evaluated to determine the extent of your illness or disability and how it affects your ability to work. After completing the assessment, you will be placed in one of two groups if you are eligible for ESA. You will be placed in a work activity group where you will have interviews with an adviser. Other applicants will be placed in a support group where they will not have any interviews with an adviser.

Those who qualify for ESA will be able to receive a number of benefits. The benefits that you get will depend on personal circumstances such as your income, the kind of ESA you are eligible for and also where you are during the assessment process for ESA. To find out how much you can get, you will want to use the ESA benefits calculator.

Once you get an Employment Support Allowance, you will be able to receive financial support and work-related support. The financial support will be given to you for 13 weeks after you make a successful claim. With this support, you will receive an amount of up to 58 pounds per week if you are under the age of 25 and 73 pounds per week if you are over 25 years of age. Those who qualify for ESA will receive 73 pounds per week if they are in a work-related activity group and 110 pounds a week if they are in a support group. Anyone looking to receive this compensation will want to consult with the Employment Support Allowance contact. They can reach this entity by calling the ESA helpline phone number.

Whenever someone is looking to get ESA, they will need to know the different types. There are three main types of Employment Support Allowances. They include new style ESA, contribution-based ESA and income-based ESA. Each type of ESA depends on the circumstances of the individual applicant and their eligibility. New style ESA is given to those who are employed, or self-employed and who have made National Insurance contributions. Contribution based ESA will be given to those who have a disability or illness which affects their ability to work. With income-based ESA, you will receive this benefit if you have an illness or disability that affects your ability to work as well as getting a severe disability premium and one within the last month along with still being eligible for it.