Carers Allowance Contact

The love and work that you give to take care of someone shouldn’t go unrewarded. If you mind somebody for over 35 hours a week and that person qualifies for a specific benefit, you can be paid £64.60 a week. Whether this person is your relative, friend, neighbor does not affect your eligibility. Keep in mind that you do not receive anything extra for taking care of more than one person. This money can be extremely valuable to paying for the items that the person you care for needs, therefore the option of having the money given in weekly advances is available, rather than receiving the money every 4 weeks. Other eligibility requirements are that you must earn no more than £120 a week after taxes and expenses, you are over 16, not in full time education, not studying for 21 hours a week or more, not subject to immigration control. You also must have been living in England, Scotland or Whales for two out of the last three years. If you don’t believe you’re eligible for Carer’s Allowance, it’s recommended to look into Carer’s Credit instead.

Carer’s Allowance does have an effect on your other benefits and how much you pay in taxes. The person that you care for will lose their extra severe disability premium as well as any extra money they get for severe disability on their premium. Their council tax may also be affected. For more information on how yours and the person that you care for’s benefits may be affected by Carer’s Allowance, reach the Carer’s Allowance helpline telephone to solve any questions you have. It’s important to know how your benefits and taxes will be changed but know that it’s usually worth it to receive Carer’s Allowance.

You’ll need several pieces of documentation to make a claim, let’s go over them here. Collect you and your partner’s National Insurance Number, bank or building society details, any employment slips or work documents, a P45 if you have one, any current education course details, all expense details relating to the person that you care for. You will also need this person’s date of birth and address, National Insurance Number if they are over 16 or their Disability Living Allowance reference if they are under 16. Apply either by post or online, whichever you are more comfortable with.

After calculating whether Carer’s Allowance is for you, be sure to act on your eligibility as this benefit is designed to ease the financial stress of caring for a friend or loved one. £258 a month may make a huge change in your capacity as a caretaker. There are many more benefits available and knowing which ones are right for you is the first step to gaining all the money you deserve for the good that you do.